Meet our newest steering group member- Milly Fyfe

North Northants Sustainable Food Network is proud to introduce the latest member of our steering group. Milly brings a wealth of experience, and will be the much needed voice of farming communities.

Award winning Digital Marketing expert Milly Fyfe, a Farmer, Mum of two young children, home cook and farming communicator, set up a food blog called No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents during the height of the pandemic. Milly set up CIC ‘No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents’ in 2023.

As home cook and a mother herself, Milly understands the challenges faced by busy parents. Her philosophy revolves around the idea that delicious, nutritious meals don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With her inspiring recipes, she empowers parents to whip up satisfying meals with minimal effort.

The hope is that, in the long-term, children will grow up eating a variety of home-cooked meals with less reliance on highly processed foods. They will make informed choices and cooking habits will change as parental knowledge is enhanced.

In addition to her dedication to simplifying mealtime for busy parents, Milly is also passionate about supporting British farming and local produce. With her platform, she advocates for the importance of sourcing ingredients locally, not only for their freshness and quality but also to support the farmers and producers within the community. In addition to promoting British farming through her recipes, Milly also actively engages with local farmers and producers, collaborating on initiatives to celebrate and showcase their products. Showing her commitment to fostering connections between consumers and the people who grow their food.

Milly believes that by choosing locally sourced ingredients, families can not only enjoy better-tasting meals but also contribute to the sustainability of British agriculture. She often features seasonal produce in her recipes, highlighting the diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and meats that are readily available from British farms throughout the year.

This year, Milly hopes to convert one of the redundant buildings on the farm into a kitchen workshop for cookery classes.

By incorporating locally sourced ingredients into her no-fuss meals, Milly Fyfe not only helps busy parents save time and effort in the kitchen but also supports the livelihoods of British farmers and promotes sustainable food practices. Through her advocacy and delicious recipes, she’s proving that supporting local agriculture can be as easy as enjoying a home-cooked meal with your family.

For more information on the No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents CIC, visit the website here and Milly’s Instagram page here.