Food poverty

Food poverty is a key issue within areas of North Northamptonshire.

According to data from the British Red Cross and via Local Insight ( Northamptonshire Community Foundation Northamptonshire Insights ), the food vulnerability scores for East Northamptonshire, Kettering and Wellingborough were noted as ‘high risk’ areas. We do not anticipate that this will have decreased post pandemic.

Studies of food insecurity in the UK have been based on the combination of benefits claimed and household-level insecurity – such as people living alone, people with low income and those with dependent children.

For this bespoke Food Vulnerability Index, the Red Cross have combined these indicators with others that are relevant to food insecurity during Covid-19.

These include:

Frailty, Living alone, Distance to services, Digital exclusion, Income deprivation, Income Support families, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance families, Income-based Employment and Support Allowance families, Pension Credit (Guarantee) families, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit families not already counted, Universal Credit families where no adult is in ‘Working – no requirements’ conditionality regime, Asylum seekers in England in receipt of subsistence support, accommodation support, or both.

Hidden Needs

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