NCF is Shining a Spotlight on Rural Community Needs

NCF is launching a new campaign to shine a spotlight on rural community needs to help champion our rural communities.

Rachel McGrath Chief Executive of Northamptonshire Community Foundation said “nearly a third of the county live within rural communities, including rural towns. At Northamptonshire Community Foundation, we are developing a focus on rural philanthropy to ensure that these communities get their fair share of funding. This in turn will help tackle urgent needs such as poverty and access to services across our local villages and countryside. We invite you to get involved across the coming weeks and months.

We are delighted that we have £100,000 to kickstart a match fund appeal to boost grant awards to rural community projects, thanks to the generous support of the Constance Travis Charitable Trust.


Every pound you donate will release funds to make grants to projects supporting rural communities in 2023.


We will also collaborate with partners including Northamptonshire ACRE and other rural networks, to ensure we can help fund and support local groups and charities doing good work to help sustain and revitalise rural communities.”


Get Involved


Throughout 2023 NCF will be holding a series of Community Conversations to look at local need and community solutions with donors, partners and charities. They will be highlighting: facts and data about need across our rural communities, the good work taking place to provide activities and services, and our work in partnership with charities and networks championing rural needs in Northamptonshire.

Their match fund appeal will see the launch of a Northamptonshire rural Communities Fund, so they can start tackling the needs highlighted in our Community Conversations.

They will publish an updated Hidden Needs Report in 2023, which will also highlight needs across rural communities in the county.


You can help by:


  • Donating to their match fund appeal supported by the Constance Travis Charitable Trust, so they can boost the number of grant awards they make to rural-focused projects and charities
  • Taking part in their Community Conversations
  • Sharing their information and news on rural community needs and charities addressing need throughout the year


Tackling poverty & access to services


They have recently been working with local donors and partners to raise and distribute funds in order to support a number of projects to tackle food and fuel poverty during the current energy crisis.

From this work, they have recognised the need to ensure funds are directed to tackle poverty in rural communities. A recent report from the Rural Services Network evidences how the cost of living crisis is hitting people living in rural areas harder than those living in towns and cities; people living in the countryside have to pay much more on essentials such as heating, housing and transport.

About Northamptonshire Community Foundation

Northamptonshire Community Foundation are a charity helping passionate people in Northamptonshire to change the world on their doorstep. They do this by funding amazing local charities and providing rewarding and impactful ways for donors to give to the causes and places they care about.

During the Covid19 pandemic they worked alongside the National Emergencies Trust to raise and distribute £2.6 million in funding to local charities and groups across the county. On average they give out £1.2 million in funds annually, have an endowment of £20 million and we have been established in the county for 22 years supporting community philanthropy.

Working alongside the Charity Commission, they help to revitalise charitable trusts, and they are part of a national network of 47 community foundations who combined are the fourth largest grant maker in the UK.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation Website



If you would like to support their work on Shining a Spotlight on Rural Community Needs, please contact their CEO, Rachel McGrath: or Head of Giving and Development, Dean Jones: